Wednesday, June 8, 2011

SUPERNOVA Book Blog Tour!!!

Stop by these blogs every day on the schedule to read reviews, interviews, and guest posts by moi! Plus, there's a podcast on the very last day! I'm sure it will be entertaining and imformative! Here's the schedule and the links to hosting blogs!

June 6:
June 7:
June 8:
June 9:
June 10:
June 11:
June 12:
June 13:
June 14:
June 15:
June 16:
June 17:


  1. Ok so where exactly is TCS in this? *has a sadz*

  2. Oh, sweetie ... I haven't posted here in foreva' ... LOL! This was the tour for Supernova, not Cataclysm. You should check my website,, although I don't think my PR has the tour schedule up yet. I think she's waiting to see what the final schedule looks like first ;)