Thursday, September 27, 2012

Supernova Super Giveaway Winner Announcement

And the winner is ... LizaJo Adrian Meyer!!!! 

*throws confetti, balloons drift down from above, and LizaJo weeps*

And this is why ... When asked why she wanted to win the saga, LizaJo posted this very well thought out pic, which took a shitton of imagination and made me laugh until my sides hurt. Below the pic, you'll see what she had to say in addition to the pic.

I have posted the contest photo on the Facebook Supernova Saga Super Giveaway Event Page.

I have been following this author through some amazing fan fictions. I enjoy Parkers writing so much I literally dream about it, how the story's might progress, what might happen next and because of how a novel can consume my every thought (and dream) I wait until an entire series is released to begin reading. It has been killing me to wait on this last book, I am dying to read the series. I know this series will be nothing short of amazing and fantastic! I did my best to incorporate a little play on how Novels infest my dreams in my photo and I hope that everyone finds it both creative and comical. Best of luck to everyone who enters the contest.


I can't wait to meet you at ScareFest, thank you for all your hard work on your novels and for sharing your creative, luscious mind with all of us. :) Luvs ya babes

A consolation prize of all three books in ebook format will be awarded to the runner up!

Because of this wee bit of a disclaimer: *There must be at least 20 entries for the paperback prize to be given, or the winnings will be in ebook format only. Ergo, badger all your reading buddies until they get in on the fun! Contest will start on August 27th and the winner will be chosen on September 26th, announcement made on September 27th in honor of the release of Nexus. You must visit this blog by October 1st to see if you won, and then contact me with your email address to claim your prize.* the books will be awarded in ebook format, with lots of Supernova Saga loot to boot :)

And then there's the consolation prize ... Madalina G has also won all three ebook copies!!!!!!

This was her winning entry ...

Well hello, C.L.! What can I say, you had me hooked ever since I read your fanfiction :) From there I added you on Facebook & honestly, your updates make my day- you're just so funny, and intelligent, with just the right amount of naughty =)) haha I know...flattery will get me nowhere, but I gotta at least get brownie points for trying. ;) Seriously speaking, when I heard of your new saga, I was hooked ever since I read the synopsis for the first novel. I kept up with all the postings via Facebook & added them to my reading list but considering I have over say...3000 books on the list, I'm a tad behind haha! I would be so happy to get the chance to read your books because from what I can tell, they're exactly up my alley! :D They're witty, funny, a tad kinky from what I hear (that just makes the read more enjoyable) ;) and a whole lot of brilliant- so I'm hoping I get lucky :) Anyways, congrats on the saga and the last book :) I'm proud of you! :D

ps. I didn't post a picture but I'm hoping the text made up for it :D 
-Your slightly stalkering, grateful and dedicated fan :D (Madalina G.)

A huge thank you to everyone who entered! I have very much enjoyed reading your posts, and I adore you for them!! 

Winners, please be sure to email me at with your preferred ebook format: epub, PDF, or mobi - by October 1st to claim your prize!



  1. Both of those were great entries! Congrats to both winners!!!

  2. Thanks CL! <3 What can I say? I'm super stoked :D

    1. You're welcome! It was a fantastic entry!!

      I'll need you to email me you email address and preferred version of the ebooks: PDF, ePub, or mobi to


  3. No wonder she won!! That is hilarious!! And very creative!!! :D