Tuesday, February 26, 2013

What Madness Is This?

It would take a very brave soul to put me on a LIVE blog talk radio show, huh? Madness, you say??? Well, hold on to your bloomers, kids! CL Parker is going to be live on the Malliard Report March 26th at 9 PM EST**

This will be my third appearance on the show. Why do I keep going back? Because I keep getting invited. I think I keep getting invited because the host, Jim "Duckboy" Malliard (yes, I gave him that name - Duckboy, not Jim), secretly likes it when I make him blush. I agree to the repeat visits because I like to see if I can outdo myself. You know, raise the bar a little higher until Duckboy just can't take it anymore. Takes him months to recuperate. Bless him . . . 

Besides, he wouldn't dare muzzle me for fear I'd bite his freaking hand off and he'd get a raging case of rabies. See what I did there? Muzzle + bite + raging + rabies? Because animals who get rabies bite and are supposed to be all mean and stuff?

.......... cricket, cricket, cricket ..........

Hello? *taps microphone* Is this thing on? I just called myself a female dog and no one got that? Shut it, Duckboy!

So, um anyway . . . I suppose we should do this thing:

**Warning/Disclaimer: CL Parker is likely to say anything and no question is off limits. She has no shame. You should know this by now. Ergo, sensitive ears might want to skip this one. She's naughty, this one.

There you have it! I'd LOVE to fill up the chat room on this one. Won't you help me overwhelm the Duckboy?


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  1. You KNOW I'll be there, with bells on! I love to see how flustered you make Duckboy, aka Jim Malliard. The chat room is always sooo much fun! We NEVER say anything inappropriate, now do we?!?!? Can't wait!