Thursday, January 23, 2014

Part Deux of the Million Dollar Duet Has Arrived


I know it's been a while since I've done a blog post - shame on me - but surely you're following my websiteFacebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts and are aware that the release of A MILLION GUILTY PLEASURES is right around the corner. February 4th, to be exact. Naturally, we have to have a blowout to celebrate the conclusion to the Million Dollar Duet.

Diamonds, pearls, and Kindle Fire HDs, oh my! Just three of the very awesome gifts I will be giving away at the A MILLION GUILTY PLEASURES release day party! 

That Kindle Fire will be loaded down with ALL FIVE of my books and I'll even autograph the casing! And the diamond necklace and pearls will be accompanied by a FLYAS T-shirt. 

Come on, you know you want them! All you have to do is be present on February 4th from 9 AM - 11 PM, EST. 

PLUS . . . Many other VERY generous prizes have been donated from some amazing people, including . . .

A dozen or so of your favorite authors:
 Darynda JonesDakota Cassidy, Shay Savage, Ruth Cardello, J.m. Madden, Robyn Peterman Zahn, Donna Jane McDonald, Gayle Donnelly and Robyn MackenzieJeffe Kennedy, Amanda Baker Usen, Julie Anne Lindsey, Lydia Michaels Author, and Aedan Byrnes.

TWO psychic readings from very well-known experts in their field: Tina Michelle and Kimberly Rackley.

And even a sexy gift to go along with your sexy read from Pure Romance consultant,
 Andrea Thompson.

Ya gotta be present to win, so make sure you're tuned in all day!!!

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  1. AWESOME---shared, tweeted, and googled! Will so be there! Love your face, boo! And a HUGE congrats!