Monday, March 5, 2012

Authors After Dark Summer Camp 2012

Yeppers! I'll be there, too!

This will be my first time at AAD, and I'm so excited it will be in New Orleans because I've always wanted to go to the Big Easy, and not because I am easy; however, I do foresee myself earning lots of bead necklaces. What? That's only during Mardi Gras?? Oh the crime of it all. *shrugs* Okay, so I'll be showing my boobs for free then.

AAD will be August 8-12 at the Royal Sonesta Hotel. There are lots of great authors booked, but I'm most looking forward to hooking up with some of my readers. Having said that, who's going, and can you bring some man candy along for me to ogle . . . and maybe grope a little?


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  1. Another place I would love to visit. I'm very good at flashing my boobs!! One of these days...